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If you are into streaming free movies and TV shows then Mini M8S Pro does the job pretty well. Gaming on this TV box is good just not for the newer high graphics games. The box is stable, it never froze up on me, the temperature was stable surprisingly it didn’t overheat, and I love the fact that the box is rooted which allows me to install my favorite GKM touch app for key-mapping my gamepad to play any Android game with swipe functions. I give this little TV box the thumbs up for purchase.

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  1. Hello. Since this Mini is a newer model than the M8S Pro, why isn't Android 7.1.1 installed? I see the newer 3/32gb M8S Pro on GB with 7.1.1 now, not 6.0.

  2. Hi Husham, I got this box a few weeks ago and it's fantastic, mine has 3gb ddr4 RAM & 32gb ROM got it with an H18 wireless mini touchpad for around £8 so £58 all in, bargain.

  3. don't get this box it has wifi problems: tested this against my i68 box in downloading Kodi and the i68 got 1 minute 30 sec and the the mini m8s got over ten minutes (that's ridiculous)

  4. I got a problem with my Gt1 ultimate. I was scrolling true the settings and i tap on something on the screen settings and my screen went black. I tried to restart it and when the intro of the box was done my screen went black again. It keeps doing it and i cant do anything. The box LED's are still on. Any ideas of whats happend? Please help.

  5. Dear Mr. Husham Memar,

    I hope you are well. My Name is Mike and I live in the USA.

    My mother really wants Arabic tv and I have been trying to figure the
    best way to provide the best solution for her. If you can help me I
    would be very grateful!

    1) What is the very best Arabic TV out there right now? I am willing
    to pay for an excellent and up to date premium channel list service.
    An annual subscription would also be okay.

    2) What are the benefits of buying a box like the Nvidia shield or another box?

    3) What is the very best box available regardless of cost?

    4) Would a paid service be better than Arabic Kodi add-ons?

    Sorry for all the questions and please keep up the awesome videos!

    Thank you,

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