Best WIFI Router for your HOME to Avoid Buffering

Best WIFI Router

Avoid WIFI Internet Bufferuing with the Best Router for your HOME

We all have it, Buffering, CONSTANT BUFFERING. What in the world can we do with this issue? TV Media Networks has found this a problem when selling streams contents online for home users.  Companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime have had to add a buffer zone where they save/download the contents on the device before they display for the user, this will give the simulation that there are no network issues.

However, users are not found this to be useful for everyday internet use, for example, Users in the UK are now buying More bandwidth internet to try to rectify this issue, Companies such as Sky are selling 200 Meg broadband in the UK and Virgin Media is selling the Vivid 350 MB for gamers. There is a report now that we are going to get the 1GB home broadband soon to the UK as well. However, it is really not required for more then 10 Mb to browse the internet and video streaming will always be happy with another 10 MB plus, Then left the gamers which require 25 Mb Steady Stream all the time.

What is home Real Usage?Best Router Home Question Mark

This means Homes don't need more than 50MB download bandwidth speed. So why are we ben forced to buy more bandwidth? Truth to be told. The more download MB is not more internet  its just how much you can download at a second. This is a misconception by everyone that we need more download MB to make internet faster in the home.

In a home, we don't use Direct cable to the router to download. We actually use WIFI. In Matter of fact, 4 out of 5 Internet products in the home are WIFI connected to the net and not directly to the internet via cable

So what is the problem?Best Wifi Router Whatis the problem with WIFI

Speed in Wifi and cable are all different. If you are using a bad router or a standard router from your broadband, then the chance then it is using a wifi signal only and 2 or 3 lan ports. and of course, you using the standard LAN cable. This is also wrong.

How to solve buffering  Issues with cable?

If you do plan to use cable then always make sure you are using the right cable, Cable such as CAT 4 and CAT 5 is a big problem as they candle the speed of streaming contents. So the best solution is getting CAT 5e or better yet go for a long-lasting CAT 6 Cable. Long as the Cable speeds below

Cat Cable speed Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5 Cat 6
CAT 6 is always recommended to use at home

How to solve WIFI Buffering issues?

Best WIFI Router netflix buffering loading

It's all good and well that you are connected to Network Cable sometimes but that probably means just one device from all your home devices. or even NON connected to the cable. 4 out of 5 devices at home are connected to WIFI, this includes TV, Playstrations, Smart Phones, Android BOX, TV BOX and many many devices.

We even have devices such as the Smart Plugs and Smart devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. WIFI speed is a problem as it is limited with distance and with routers that broadcast the Wireless signal. A standard router will always transmit an average wifi signal, most Wi-Fi router use (802.11g) are capable of at least 54 Mbps speeds. But this also depends on distance from the router and device WIFI Receiver.

Check out the router comparison below to show you which on you might want to go for

Router Comparison

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