HalowTV KODI addon fix live TV 2018- International Free LIVE TV

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HalowTV KODI addon fix live TV 2018- International Free LIVE TV

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Free Live International channels

LIVE Sports
KIDS Movies
Sports Reply
ACE Stream links

And much much more

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  1. Husham, your a good kid. But, w couple of months ago you did a video about a bitcoin miner web site and software that I took your advice and tried. Well got a virus from it. And had to do a fair amount of studying to get rid of it. And their was 1 other thing you did a show on that I tried, I don't remember exactly what it was, but I do remember that I thought it really sucked and had to take it off my system. I still think your a good kid, but I'm just saying.

  2. halow is a crazy add-on though not as popular as exodus or covenant. with the news of exo and cov spreading that fast, i think halow managed to get more traction. i haven’t been able to give halow a full go but what i need to know before that is if i’ll need to use a vpn like ivacy or ipvanish to get around region locks or if it’ll work anyways. some of the addons never install after i screw them midway and then i have to reinstall kodi.

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