HOW TO MAKE .TS links play Longer

HOW TO MAKE .TS links play Longer

When creating M3u file and using it with VLC or KODI, you find the link stops after few minutes.

This is caused due to network buffering.

What you will need is to increase VLC network disk cache and KODI will need to use another addon to make it work.



VLC with .TS Links

First you will need an M3U file created with a ts link, You can search for TS Link using search  on here. There is also a guide to explain how you can do it

Follow the steps below to make sure you enable VLC to increase the network cache

  • Open VLC  vlcmediaplayer
  • Click Tools Menu
  • Click Preferences
  •  Select All from the Show settings options in the bottom left menuvlc show settingsvlc show settings2
  • Select Input /codec
    • In the right hand menu go down to locate Network Caching and increase it to 9999
    • In the right hand menu go down to locate Disk Caching and increase it to 9999
    • inputcodec
  • Click Save
  • Try to play the .TS link again


KODI With .TS Links


First you will need an XML file created

  • open notepad
  • type the below





  • save the file i.e. test.xml
  • replace tslinkhere with the link
  • you can also replace Titleoflinke as well to something that has a meaning to the link





Remember that location where you save the file


You will need to install the flowing third party addons

Both are available from Shani repo 


You can install Livestream pro from this video guide as well


Kodi Steps


And right click on Livestream stream pro

click addons settings

Click Add source

Click Chose File and point it to the xml file you created in the previouse step

And click add source

Enter a title (you can keep default and press ok or make it something you can remember )

Press ok


Now open Livestream pro and then you will have a the xml file listed there and you can play the .TS link for every link you have added … (thanks to kodilover for making correct this line)



Video Guide on the Above for KODI


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  1. Yo. Hush KodiLover here and u made a mistake u put at the end.

    Now open Livestream pro and then you will have a the xml file listed there and you can play the .TS link for a very link time

    • you probably done it wrong.. send me the link and I will make a video for you right now showing you that it works

  2. hello my friend….special thanks for the links and tips but i have a problem…..i change the settings in vlc and still shows for 30 second….i dont like the double click on loop button…any other trick?best regards.

  3. I tried both VLC and KODI with live stream pro it only runs for 20 Seconds. I took off the .ts and .m3u8 VLC runs for a long,

  4. I am creating a Kodi Video Add-On which offers live sports IPTV. The links which i am using only last for 20-30 seconds using the livestreamspro website.

    Any help

  5. the vlc trick to play .ts file is not working + i wanna know about this User-Agent=HD-STM/3.0 thing associated aside the .ts link

  6. Hi Husham, I have created my kodi addon and mostly play m3u and .ts links. But recently the m3u links work well on vlc but not on kodi. Does m3u links work with fm4tester? I tried many times but never worked! Please help me out on these issues

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