HUSHAM 0.9.3 Released

Husahm Wizard Shortcuts 1

HUSHAM 0.9.3 Released



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Updated Husham 0.9.3 wizard is released


[edsanimate_end]I have updated the wizard with some basic updates for KODI 16 addons after recent news that has been taken the kodi community


Removed some dead addons

and also updated some addons like adrian sports and removed some shortcuts

People are free to remove some more shortcuts

I will be fixing the shortcuts even more and release an update to it soon.


I havent made any further video for this but I will release the video guide tonight


This wizard guide should still be valid but I will make a further guide for it soon




  1. Hi, every time I name the file .husham and press ok it says unable to connect. So I only have a blue .husham file and no red repository. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers

  2. So I chose to download your Wizard Husham so that I can get to play Adrian sports. Your wizard is surely loaded with everything that one could possibly need for sure, great job! Now I saw for example that “Awesome Sports” addon shows an error and on Adrian Sport, France Bein Sport 2 play an AR Bein Sport channel as opposed to the French Bein 2… My question is who’s fixing the errors on all these addons? Or how would the devlp know about the errors? Thanks Husham, great work as always.

  3. Hoeever it happens, but FR BeinSport 2 is now fixed! If you have to direct connection Husham, please tell Adrian that France Canal + Sports is not working at all (Adrian Sports is the only available link with it). Anyway great addon in high quality! Thanks Husham.

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