Husham Wizard Updated ( KODI 16 only )

Husham Wizard Updated ( KODI 16 only )

Updated the Husham Wizard with updated latest addons and repos

Removed bad addons such as the Israil repo that was causing many issues

Reduced the download size so this can download faster

Removed some programs no longer been used


Recommend you clear your KODI Data from your android box before installing the new KODI 16 0.9.2 version.

No newer update for KODI15 at the moment.



  1. Hi having the same problem with my smart box getting script error and will not open your IPTV Livetv,

    • Your trial membership has ended




      Is subscription payment?


      Expected amount


      Valid from


      Valid to


      Created at

      2016-03-16 23:45:10

      Updated at

      2016-03-16 23:45:10

  2. Husham, I was woundering if you or anyone could help me or direct me to the proper place to get help on a problem that I have. I used “Icefilms” to download a tv show just as I have done many other times, but it just put a folder with the shows name on my computer but without any file in it. It won’t let me delete the file as it says it doesn’t exist. I have screen shots and have tried many of the solutions that are on the internet to get rid of the file all to no avail as mine seems to differ slightly from the ones that they are administering to. ….. Please help Husham Memar … you’re my only hope. lol 😛

  3. Husham,
    I am big fan of your work. Although I consider myself somehow savy with Kodi, yet I can not figure out a way to make Atlasweb > Arabic Channel to continuously play. (i.e if I am playing Tunisia tv, play only few second before it drop down) this is because the developer is having the channel as .TS [#EXTINF:0,AR-MTunisia This will play segment of the program. Usually I can get around it with VLC by clicking the loop channel. As soon as the connection fail it reconnect. But this is very frustrating. that is said, is there a looping button in KODI ?

    I don’t have Teledunet account, but are they reliable, and continuing play?


    • Teledunet is ok
      I use it everyday . or rather my family use it everyday watching arabic things.. like MBC and so on..

      I will look at the link you gavve

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