Husham Wizard/Build 0.9.02a

Wizard/Build 0.9.02a updated

Noticed yesterday that KODI 16 didnt save any of my special shortcuts for everyone on my 0.9.02 update at all, was brought to my attention by Titan that we need to fix that specially of the new URL resolver issues that's thats caused many to stop looking at it.

  • Minor fixes on the shortcuts
  • Minor corrections
  • Minor correction with the addons for LIVE TV i.e. LiveTV, Sports Mix, Pro Sports & Sports Devil
  • URL Resolver updated with latest version from TK Norris Repo Beta
  • Add the free arabic Live TV (IPTV) from Jafar The Iraqi List to the shortcuts
  • Removed some errors on the startup



To install the latest build make sure you clear the KODI Data and install this one, and also make sure you are on KODI 16 if you want to use 0.9.x


Husham Memar


  1. How can I tell which version Husham wizard I loaded yesterday? I enabled everything changed my shortcuts and wonder if this file is newer than the one I just did. If so I will do it again. I love your builds but change them a lot for the USA. Thanks for all the good help.

  2. Is there a way for me to find which one of your versions I just put in my box yesterday? I backed it up and was planning on restoring it to another same type box but don’t want to if I have the 0.9.02. I would rather start over with the newer 0.9.02a. I spend a lot of time enabling add ons and would like to skip that if it is not necessary. Thanks again I think you are the most helpful person in this community. You will find a tip today if I can tell the difference. Thanks again,

  3. Is there a way for me to save my add ons and repositories so when you post a new wizard I can just add my saved ones saving me a lot of time? I spend many hours per week enabling add ons and repositories. I don’t know how you can do as much as you do all the time. Thanks very much.

  4. Hey Husham great work on the wizard!!! keep up the great work friend.

    I have one issue i can not get any of the acestream or sopcast streams to work. I am using kodi on my android sony tv. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Husham:
    I just downloaded a clean wizard to resolve the “a” question on 0.0.92. I can not find cCloudTV anywhere. I first tried podgod then I went into Ares and downloaded some channels there with no problem and tried that one and it says it is enabled and I can watch it from there but still I can’t find it in my add ons to put it in my shortcuts. Do you have any suggestions? I tried this on two Tronsmart boxes with V16.0. Last week I did the same thing and they are running fine. I restored an old version and it still does not show that add on? Thanks again, Tom

  6. What are the differences between the Husham Wizard, Iron Lady Wizard, Blue BoxMedia,Gorilla Wizard and TITANIUM Wizard…all in the Husham Addon Wizard. Sorry, I’m new to all this.

    • use the husham wizard as shown in the video
      the other wizard have their own video guides
      and the wizards have been put in there to asist users install things easily
      u can try them .. and remove them .. its all easy one step or two

  7. I tried installing this Tonight, tried 3 times, did everything just like I was supposed to but every time I started Kodi back up it hadn’t changed anything as if it was never installed, Next I’ll try restarting the computer

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