Install SMART IPTV on Firestick After Amazon removed it from the store

Amazon removed SMART IPTV from the store

Install SMART IPTV on Firestick

In this guide I will show you how to install smart iptv firestick, it uses to be so simple to install SMART IPTV on the firestick. Just doing a search on the Amazon Firestick Store and you have go your SMART IPTV installed. Amazon latest conquest to the Firestick is to remove the SMART IPTV.  Which a media player only. Users are not able to see what is the news on this and it has been over 2 weeks for any mention why amazon removed the SMART IPTV from the Firestick.

The people behind the SMART IPTV app has made it possible to download the SMART IPTV on your FIRESTICK via APK  format.

I made the below video on my youtube channel to make it easy for everyone to download the apk manually.

Best of luck to all.



How to install Smart IPTV on Firestick Download instructions?


  1. Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV
  2. Downloader ( install from the Amazon Store )



Downloader APP

You can download the Downloader APP from The Amazon Store by searching for Downloader


How to download SMART IPTV APK?

You will need to use the Downloader app to download the SMART IPTV APK file

First OPEN the downloader and click browser option on the left

The enter the URL


Then Press GO


the download will begin


And click install


Then click DONE or OPEN it is up to you


Now you will need to register an IPTV service

Always joing me in the forum for further requested information

Hope you enjoyed this article, please leave information down below if you found this article helpful.


  1. Hi,
    I have downloaded the app smartiptv and I activated my mac but I still could not get Arabic Rambo iptv, so would you please help or try to set it up for me.
    The mac number is f0:81:73:fa:b8:40
    If you need any info let me know

  2. I can’t download this app I think I have issue with downloader program..this is the 4 stick what I make….I know what I need to make but….he don’t want to start…

  3. I installed smart iptv when adding iptv action it showed error channel 1 check url. It was on a trial he sent me another e3u list but I can not get back to play list to add I tried to uninstall and reinstall but it goods back to the error playlist channel 1 check URL pages. This is on a Amazon fire tv

  4. Hi,
    I’ve installed SMART IPTV but it doesn’t appear under apps or recent. Only place I can find and launch it is under Manage Installed Apps.
    How do I get it to show under recent or Apps?

  5. Hi, I have downloaded and installed IPTV but this is what I have on the screen and I can’t get rid, can you help it won’t let me upload photo
    It is asking me to upload playlist to

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