IPTV Smarters Pro V IPTV Extreme Pro

IPTV Smarters Pro V IPTV Extreme Pro
Two of the Best IPTV Players APPs avaliable for use for Free or paid IPTV services

IPTV Smarters Pro V IPTV Extreme Pro

Husham Mmear
Husham Memar

Two of the best IPTV Player programs have always been step-by-step next to each other in technology. Both IPTV Smarters PRO and IPTV Extreme Pro provide some of the best high-quality viewings when it comes down to playing IPTV Links.

With Both IPTV Smarters PRO or IPTV Extreme you can watch live TV over the web, providing you have created your self M3U or got your self on a free account for IPTV, or simply purchased m3u from a good IPTV Company.

Features for both applications are almost similar which made the public users always go for what or whoever updates their application first.

Anything new on this application is like HOT Cake with chocolate-covered ICE Cream that must be eaten as quickly as you can.

Ok so Let try to compare them both now.


IPTV Smarters PRO v IPTV Extreme PRO

So Apart from the names almost the same, they both start with the word IPTV, both are two separate application. So what really is different between both of these applications.

IPTV Smarters PRO is been managed by big giant companies ( Whmcssmarters ) that give their users after service that is comparable to any of the best-paid IPTV service.

IPTV Extreme Pro is managed by Android Developer Paolo Turatti, he is responsible for few apps in the Google play store but when it comes down to after-sale service, Paolo turatti provides an extremely amazing service and support for his apps that comparable to IPTV Smarter PRO service.

And despite they both don't provide IPTV channels, They are both Giant Companies that try to get the world to bow down to IPTV as their IPTV Players is just truly Fantastic and provide Amazin Quality.

Take a look at the list below and judge for the difference between both applications yourself


Let's start with Platforms that both application work on.

IPTV Extreme Pro

iptv extreme

The platform that works for IPTV ExtremePRO are below

  • Android – You can get the Android APK from the google play store Free with ads or Pay with no ads.

IPTV Extreme Pro is not available on other platforms at the moment

The developer has not revealed any plans to maintain the application more than the Android platform.

IPTV Smarters Pro

The platform that works for IPTV Smarters PRO are below

  • Android – You can get the Android APK from the google play store Free with ads or Pay with no ads.
  • Windows – IPTV Smarters Windows Version is available, fully working with no ads but it is a demo for IPTV Companies to customise it.
  • Smart TV – Samsung and LG WebTV only. This version is limited and working on some Smart TVs but costs too much to buy it. Users don't pay for it, IPTV Companies need to pay for it in order to allow users to use it.
  • MAC – MAC version is available for users to use it with their MAC OS and you can order it from WHMC Smarters
  • Custom Version is available with LOGO for companies also


Android Free or Paid app

Both Applications have free and paid apps on the Android Google APP Store.

IPTV Extreme

IPTV Extreme has a fully working version with ads and you can download from the Google play store to use it just like the pro version but has a recording limit which I noticed.

IPTV Extreme Pro is the fully working version with NO ads, you can download from the google play store, all working well and manages channels with either M3u or M3u Plus links.

IPTV Smarters Pro

IPTV Smarters pro can be downloaded free with the full functionality options and with no limitations to its functionality but from the google play store you will get IPTV smarters Pro or IPTV Smarters with ADS and the only way for you to remove the ads you get to make payment with it from the options of IPTV Smarters PRO.


So it is obvious that IPTV Smarters PRO has many more platforms that they run the application on, While IPTV Extreme pro is only for Android Devices.

LIVE TV Recording seems to be more stable with IPTV Extreme Pro then IPTV Smarters Pro.

Channel organisation seem to be easier with IPTV Smarters PRO

IPTV Smarters pro mainly demos for their apps to be sold to big IPTV Companies, While IPTV Extreme pro is been made with more than the easy setup for everyone to use.

Feel free to leave a comment below on how ou feel on these apps and if you want us me to do more comparison on others apps then feel free leave the apps request in the comments or send me a message in the Husham Contact Page

Written by Husham Memar

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  1. I have IPTV SMARTERS PRO and it works quite good sometimes. Channels do stop and a message on screen says can’t play this Video try another one sorry.

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