IPTV SMARTERS PRO APK Version 2.2.1 – Android, Firestick, NVidia Shield

Free APK to Record IPTV to your Android Device


Considered to be one of the best APK to cut the cord. IPTV Smarters Pro is a free APK available for download for free as long as you have an IPTV service Subscription that can support Xtream Codes IPTV Services. 

The New release of IPTV Smarters pro was issued with few minor updates for general bug fixes and updates to the current standards, the newest version was also released to include ADs from the google play store but the version I have listed here is AD free so it is a better version. You can install Version 1.6 or version 2.0 Offical and they would not have Ads on them but version 2.1.2 has got ads from the official google play store so I added a free ad-free version here for users to download


Video Guides

I advise watching a video guide below to see the benefit of IPTV Smarters Pro before installing. Any questions please leave a comment below, remember you will require an IPTV Subscription to user IPTV Smarters so recommend you get one before installing. If you don't have one, then I recommend getting ones from the list on this page


USA ,UK, Canada and Latin IPTV or Live TV Require VPN

No matter how you look at it, USA and UK users are now been targeted for by their Internet Service providers to track them down and issue letters to them for using IPTV programs that are using UK or USA services, that's why I always recommend getting a VPN for these services.

Best VPN to watch USA and UK is IPVANISH as they don't keep logs and they monitor traffic. If you are one of the unlucky people that cant gets IPVANISH in your country then I recommend the next best thing which is Strong VPN or Express VPN. Don't worry they all come with a money-back guarantee if they don't work so gives you time to try them and then move on to the next one.

Arabic LIVE TV or Arab IPTV NO VPN Needed

Generally speaking, if you are watching LIVE TV for Arabic Television only then you don't need or even require a VPN. However, if you bought non-arabic for example a USA service and has Arabic TV with it then you do need a VPN and the previous statement applies as the service is not for Arabic only.

Change Logs

PTV Smarters Pro (TV Box Edition ) – v2.0 released Out !

New Features :

  • Chrome Cast Support
  • Support HTTPs Streams
  • Media Player Improvements (Fast Zapping, Playback buffer feature added, Freezing issue fixed etc)
  • Any External Players can be added from the device for playing streams
  • Ability to set different Media Player for Live, Movies, Series etc
  • Ability to show/hide entered password ( with an eye icon)
  • EPG Improvements – Loading EPG Very fast
  • Fixed EPG Installation Error ( Network's Error Fixed that happened due to Heavy EPG Data)
  • Ability to adding Fav from EPG Screen
  • Play block streaming(ts) in an update by Xtream-Codes ( Some ISPs blocking the .ts format so now it supports direct stream URL without /live and. ts )
  • New Languages Support Added (Romania, Hungary)

Download the App v2.0

IPTV Smarters Pro (TV Box Edition ) – v1.6 released Out !

  • Watch Trailer – ability to watch the trailer for Movies and Series as well.
  • Recently Watched – New Section that will have the movies that have been watched.
  • Resuming Video – it brings the ability for the user to resume the video where they left it before.
  • Hardware and Software Decoding ( Major Update) – Now, we have updated our native player that supports hardware and software decoding.
  • Sorting options for Categories
  • Sorting features for LIVE TV
  • Reconnects recording if it fails
  • Recording in SD Card and External/Internal Storage
  • Arabic RTL support
  • Notification feature
  • Movies Info Section Improved
  • Player Selection – It gives the ability to change the media player permanently from the setting sections
  • APK File Size optimisation + Bugs like No audion, audio out of sync etc fixed.

Now, it's available on Google Store :

Download the App v1.6


IPTV Smarters – TV Box ( New App ) – v1.4 released Out !

Make sure you have ordered a demo from our website here

Enter your username and password that you have submitted while ordering

Featurs | Pricing | Free Demo : www.whmcssmarters.com/android-app-for-xtream-codes-iptv-smarters/

Download Demo APK here


Changelog :

  • Subtitle Track & Audio Dual Track Supported
  • AutoStart on Boot ( Settings -> General )
  • Support Multi-language ( Added only 3 lang but could be added your lang on your deman – To Change Settings -> General )
  • Support 4k Movies & h265 Codeces Supported
  • Play with External Players – Watch a Video | Screenshot (Long Press on the channel it will give the option to play with the external player)
  • Jump to channel by channel number from the Remote Short Video
  • Search Functionality on the Live TV – Screenshot
  • Focus/ Selection by remove on Player Icon – Screenshot | Short Video
  • Get Menu Option by the Remote button ( Option Menu button ) – Short Video
  • Fast Loading & Channel Zapping
  • Added “General Setting” – Screenshot
  • Slow Motion Video – Fixed
  • MultiDNS Support ( But You must buy the Addon ” MultiDNS Support” )

Feel Free to report your issue if you have any feedback. Thanks


IPTV-Smarters-TV-Demo-APK Version 1.3.1

******** Change logs -IPTV Smarters – TV Box Version Demo v1.3.1 **************

Issue fixed :

  • EPG issue Fixed scrolling @Wendell Balous reported this
  • Reconnects issue / reconnecting and streams doesn’t play after a loop = many clients reported this
  • 301 move premaritally fixed – if you have a redirection url then it will work @gareth castle reported this
  • EPG Screen Crash – fixed ( when you go up by holding up button then it crashed but now its’ fixed )
  • Aspect ration issue fixed and also, don’t need to change it again and again it’s stored once you do first time

*New things *

  • Sorting options for Series
  • Add to fav for series sections
  • 8 channels showing on the EPG Screen ( 32 inch screen) – @Wilby Cadet reported this one



IPTV Subscription required to make IPTV Smarters Pro work. Click here to check out some of the IPTV Smarters Pro Compatible services including some for USA, UK, Arabic, India, Pakistan plus Sports and Adults XXX services.

Download link

Download for IPTV Smarters PRO is free ( Updated Firestick and NVIDIA Shield Download )

For PC ( Windows or MAC


Download Windows Version of IPTV SMARTERS Windows Version 


Download NOX Player first to emulate android on your PC and then search for IPTV Smarters PRO from the Google Play store


  • Any Further Questions leave below in the comment box


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  1. Indeed, IPTV Smarters is great for streaming all the content you want, so far I hadn’t had any problems with it, but before getting IPTV Smarters I also got Surfshark VPN, since I wanted to connect IPTV Smarters with my AppleTV and Surfshark works just fine for this as they have smart DNS feature

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