Kodi CRACKDOWN – Shocking new stat reveals why millions could be at risk from legal action

Kodi CRACKDOWN – Shocking new stat reveals why millions could be at risk of legal action


KODI users are still streaming illegal content despite the growing risks of legal action as it’s revealed 70 per cent of owners use the TV player to watch premium content online without paying. (Daily Express)


Millions of Kodi users are continuing to enjoy KODI despite the fear of the news media that there is a 10 Years law against using KODI and KODI Boxes and not to mention to the famous BBC saying that the KODI Boxes will blow up

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Kodi has become hugely popular in recent years with the TV player allowing users to access online streams without paying,

According to a report from Torrentfreak, a recent meeting by the Motion Picture Association of America revealed that around 70 percent of all Kodi users still stream content illegally.

Kodi itself is perfectly legal with the team behind the player actively distancing themselves from illegal streams.

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However, the open platform allows users to access add-ons which can show sporting events, TV and movies without paying.

BT Sport and Sky are losing out thanks to a rise in illegal streaming which lets people watch their content without paying for it. ( The Sung)

In recent months many rights holders, including the Premier League, have been trying to stop these illegal streams but new stats may reveal the scale of the problem.

The statement was made by MPAA Senior Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Neil Fried, who explained that there are around 38 million Kodi customers across the world.

Kodi, as noted by the Independent, recently issued a statement on piracy, claiming that people selling the fully-loaded devices aren’t affiliated with the Kodi project.

“They are criminals who profit from piracy,” it said.

Write down below what you think of this news, do you think its real or just propaganda.


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