TiviMate The Best Smart TV IPTV Player in the world

TiviMate is simple easy and comes with Free and Paid version to be used . Today I am reviewing the Paid version of this IPTV Android SMART TV Player. I show you how to install it in a firestick 4k and I give you glimpse of the wonderful paid features.

* Video was made with Rambo IPTV and BoyzToyz IPTV
Rambo IPTVwww.husham.com/contactpage/arabic-iptv-contact-page/
– TiviMate Forumforum.husham.com/forums/tivimates-iptv-app.74/
Firestick 4k – www.husham.com/amazonfirestick
Which Android Smart TV to buy – www.husham.com/which-android-smart-tv-to-buy/
– Full list of IPTV services to install to TIVIMate can be found here

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  1. I have the paid tivimate. Have buffering issues with live sporting events (NFL). Any solutions to that. Internet speed is not the problem.

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