OLA TV 6 PRO APK IPTV for Android Fire Stick NVIDIA Shield



OLA TV 6 PRO APK IPTV New for Android Fire Stick NVIDIA Shield

NEW OLA TV APK PRO RELEASED LIVE TV from around world the Apk is designed to provide live IPTV for free


OLA TV the continues to be the Crowd preferred IPTV APK is now Back again to bring even more LIVE TV in your Android device, The free IPTV APK return to version PRO with over PRO0,000 IPTV links from around the world, is just amazing works.

The New OLA TV APK PRO Released again with even more contents to many LIVE TV from around the planet, with over 10,000 Live TV Links from around the world you are certainly able to download more links

Plus it comes with a new LOGO for the OLA TV APK


OLA TV TO stay

OLA TV comes back with new channels and allots of connections and more improvements on the channels.

OLA TV now also contains ADS so that the APK developer (IPTV Droid) can maintain supporting the APK.

With this in mind, we can expect OLA TV to be a new beacon to new contents and more free IPTV.


(Always uninstall the previous version before installing new one)

You will need to make sure the following application installed beforehand

installing these apps will make sure you will have good streams with the full list of Relax TV APK.

OLA TV 6 Pro APK PRO images

Here are some images of the PRO APP


OLA TV 6 PRO New Download

The download link will continue to be in the main article as usual so you will need to click on the link below to download OLA TV

You will need to uninstall the OLA version and install the new one again

click here

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  1. This version is terrible. Don’t use. Opens up multiple tabs in your browser hijacking it. It’s trying to download. If you use Adblocker you can’t even play one channel. Instead you get popup saying Adblocker is installed requesting permission to uninstall it. That’s super dangerous. Sounds like developer has gone over to the darkside.

  2. There is an issue with the new version on the fire stick , you can’t the add or back out it when you try to play a channel. Right now it’s unusable…husham, can you contact the developer about this issue? Thx

  3. Installed version 6 on my firestick and I have to say I am not very impressed, if you click on a country you have to wait for over a minute to get to the channels and then when you click on the actual channel you want to play you have to wait over another minute for it to play which sometimes it does not if the channel is down. The whole process just takes too long. I appreciate the need for developers to put adverts on the apps, otherwise they could not afford to run them , but I find adverts on Ola V6 too excessive, please could you contact the developer and voice the concerns of many of the people who have commented on here. Thanks in advance.

    • You’ve managed to get further than most people. You might get the menu of channels, but once you select a channel, your browser opens up if you’re using an Android box. I’m not familiar with FS, maybe you don’t have a browser so your exempt. Otherwise, the browser opens up with multiple tabs. None of the channels won’t launch at all.

      It also should be mentioned the developer with his previous versions would terminate access to his servers any time he was in the process of updating his app.

      While the developer had some awesome working channel selections (in the past), he’s gone way too far and really, I think, doesn’t giva AF. He was absent for a while.

      If he wants to be supported, ask everyone to contribute 50 cents or something like that a month instead of how he’s proceeding now which seems nothing short of dastardly.

  4. Have to say this new version is pretty bad. 75 seconds for the ads to load then half of the channels don’t work. I do appreciate the work the builder put Into this but perhaps they want to rework this.

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