IVACY VPN Most trusted VPN Company

IVACY Votyed Best vpn 2019

IVACY VPN Most trusted VPN Company

Ivacy VPN is a nice example of a transparent VPN service comes to you with no user logs kept which makes the word Private in Private VPN a true Meaning. The company comes from Singapore, and maybe that scares you– but it’s far from problematic.

VPN Comparison based on user Review

Best VPN Trust Piolt results
This information is available from Turstpiolt directly based on user reviewing the VPN Companies

Gathering User reviews was very important to write this review as this was both a top-level and general overview of IVACY VPN. And this was another positive for IVACY.

Trustpilot VPN Results


The VPN Company managed to get 88% in positive compared to other VPN Companies such as Nord VPN and Express VPN which scored the lowest in the customer positive reviews, While Cyberghost managed to get 83% positive users response and IPVanish and PureVPN got a high score of 85% good Customer positive score. IVACY seems to be the only one out of the big companies to get 88% Positive Customer reviews in tust piolt and looking throught the negative more closely, it appeared that even some of the negative were actually issues that was resolved with the IVACY customer support. You can confirm the above results from Trustpiolts.

VPN Software AvailableIVACY VPN

Unlike other VPNs IVACY is available to be installed on all different devices and Operating system, Just check out the list below to see what you are missing from a VPN.

  • Smart Phone
    • IOS
    • Android
  • Desktop / Laptop
    • Windows
    • MAC
    • Linux
    • Openelec
  • Devices
  • Extensions
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
  • Consoles
    • XBOX
    • PS3 / PS4
    • Roku
    • Boxee

There is a full instruction available for all the devices/apps above listed for all users after you signup to IVACY

Ivacy in Summary:

  • P2P allowed: Yes
  • Number of servers: 500+
  • Number of country locations: 55
  • Cost: Click here for more info (billed annually is the cheapest options)
  • VPN protocol: OpenVPN-UDP
  • Data encryption: AES-256-GCM
  • Data authentication: MS-Chap v2 and TLS
  • Handshake Encryption: SHA-II

Ivacy’s Data Leaks?

The best part that I can say that Ivacy is highly dedicated to its ‘zero-log’ policy. Try to search now and find the legal information clearly presented on the official website, you’ll see that the company hasn’t been involved in any cases whereby providing information on its users. Ivacy has been around for more than a decade and it still has a next to perfect reputation.

Enjoy Buffer-free Streaming

Buffer-free streaming is pure bliss. But, what if we tell you that your ISP throttles your Speed? Due to Speed Throttling, the lags occur. Subscribe to Ivacy and say bye-bye to stuttering when streaming different online channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, ESPN, HBO, and you name it!

Content Restrictions

There will be instances online where you will be restricted from accessing specific content. This more apparent with platforms like Netflix and Hulu, which either restrict certain content in other regions due to licensing restrictions. This can be dealt with for good using Ivacy VPN.

Government Censorship

Countries like China and Russia impose heavy censorship on their internet users. The reasons for doing so can vary but said internet users are unable to enjoy the internet in all its glory. The good news is internet users suffering from government censorship can gain freedom by using Ivacy VPN.

256-Bit Encryption

Ivacy offers up to 256-Bit Encryption to users which makes penetrating the security next to impossible. So revel in security protocols that encrypt your Internet traffic keeping cybercriminals at bay.

Public Wi-Fi Security

Not only hackers can induce malware codes without you knowing but can even control your devices remotely or shut them down completely. Exercise care and turn on Ivacy VPN before connecting to seemingly “Free” Public Wi-Fi.

No Logs Policy

Your Data is sold to third parties which makes them aware of your online habits. In order to safeguard your privacy online, invest in Ivacy that has a clear No Logs policy.

Safety first – the phrase is true for a reason or else all hell would break loose. In the modern Internet landscape, staying secure online is imperative. Why? Due to dangers lurking in the cybersphere. With Ivacy VPN you can mask your IP address which makes hackers, surveillance agencies and ISP impervious to your online activities. Meaning, your privacy is yours alone.


The Bottom Line
Pros Doesn’t collect any data; No previous indiscretions; Highly safe and secure; Strong privacy features; Unblocks websites very easily; Plenty of advanced options; Affordable.
Cons Somewhat outdated UI; Not the best speeds.
The Final Verdict Just like many VPN Companies Ivacy has its downsides but also presents one of the most favourable VPN options currently. Importantly it keeps you safe online and unblocks websites just like plug and play.
Our Score 8/10






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