IPTV Close Down as Players Klub users to find out service no more

IPTV Close Down as Players Klub users to find out service no more

IPTV Close Down as Players Klub users to find out service no more

Playersklub IPTV shutdownNews is that Players Klub has shut down is about to go live soon. Recently Husham.com managed to obtain information that as of 22/10/2019 the managing directors and team behind TPK, were made aware of the shutdown taken place. This is a Sad day for all the players, this news is about to go around the web soon as soon as the users get made aware.

IPTV Service Closed downPlayers Klub was one of the best IPTV services around. They were the best because of their amazing support staff. TPK support staff always maintained an upbeat attitude and fantastic greeting with always helping everyone that needed help.  One of the main reasons that TPK was loved was because and despite that TPK ( The Players KLUB ) was always a low budge IPTV  Services charging one of the lowest starting prices for IPTV, but providing a large number of Live TV Channels from UK, USA, Canada and others as well. They still managed to hire more staff on customer support around the clock.

This news comes in after the recent IPTV Shutdown news, basically taken down Xtream Codes out with over 100 Police officers across Europe. Xtream Codes took our of the picture affected many IPTV Companies. Playersklub tried their hard to keep going after that event but TPK was one of the IPTV Companies that were not able to recover 100%, which lead us now to a complete shutdown of the service ( Inside information has confirmed that TPK is unable to keep going at the current way).

I am a Players Klub User, what should you do now?What should you do after IPTV Close down

TPK Users need to calm down and not to panic. According to the inside source, users will be contacted soon with this new unfortunate news. The message should explain some new changes on how they will deal with the users. I do advise that you won’t buy any more Playersklub until further information can be provided.

I still have service, what happens to the money I paid?IPTV Users Refund

Just like booking a concert ticket and the musician doesn’t turn up and you lose your money. you probably feel the same way now.

I do have News for all users. first of all, don’t panic. The situation is far from complete utter disaster.

so the first thing you need to do is not to Panic.

  • People should not chargeback any money lost due to service closure. Keep reading why
  • People should not chargeback any money lost due to service closure. Keep reading why

Will I lose my IPTV Service?

IPTV Service Closed down

According to Husham.com inside source, existing users are about to have their account continues but no longer with Playersklub (most likely). Currently unclear, we will wait from users to update us as to what is the case when Playersklub send out the email.

Users will not lose their service but will be moved with another provider.

When is the IPTV closedown take place?Sorry IPTV Closed Down

Playersklub is to close down their service on Monday 28th 2019, Existing users are to continue their service either by moving them to another company or another plan. The existing plan is that all users are to be made aware of the situation via email or different social media method in order to make users aware of the situation.

How can you help and get help?IPTV Community needs to work together

I am going to try to help everyone and ask everyone to get the help they need. You can post all your feedback and updated in the forum using this link  forum.husham.com/threads/playersklub-forum.182/

Written by Husham Memar



  1. If you have a disconnected TPK account, find your original welcome email from TPK and scroll down to bottom and click support, put in a ticket requesting a link to the new discord. I can’t post it here because posting any direct links to them, is a big no no.

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