Prime KODI Addons 2018 – Benchmark for Ideal Motion picture Addon


Leading KODI Motion pictures Addons 2018
Benchmark for Ideal Addon

Initially movie of its type on the KODI Neighborhood to Benchmark 3rd get together online video addons, This video clip will show that I am attempting to search for 1 video clip throughout 6 (six) kodi addons to determine which 1 is the fastest just one.
The benchmark was operate on the under 6 addons
KODI Elysium Addon –
KODI Fantastic Addon –
KODI Placenta Addon –
KODI Incursion Addon –
KODI Covenant Addon –
KODI Flixnet Addon –

Use Realdebrid to get 1080 and 4k Success –

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  1. This is the first Video of its KIND to do a benchmark on Addons
    Press 👍Thumbs UP and Share this video
    Tell me what you think of this video below in the comments

  2. Husham, great Video. I'm sure it took allot of your time to make this "comparative video .. Great job..(thanks). Question: There seems to be two versions of Elysium…(Elysium and Elysium Lite from Noobsandnerds…) whats the difference..??

  3. How is fantastic 2nd when it's the worst fork ever of covenant?
    It's doing the exact same as cerebro was duplicating the same link even worse then what cerebro where doing.a few devs on twitter and YouTube exposed it.

  4. The speed of an addon also depends on the build it is on. I have Titanium and Hard Nox on my Android box. Most of the addons load much faster on the Titanium build. But, this is an interesting video.

  5. Hi again Husham that's what make you stand up compared to the other is that you do all this for the people and you also answer the peoples questions which is SOOOO Huge and Helpful.
    Others just show videos but never assist or answer questions.

    Which bring out a question, while looking at the Android boxes H96 pro plus, or the T95z which seems to both be in about the same price range if I'm correct and both have s912 processor and 3 gb ram which seems to be the better out of those??
    Is there another box with 3gb ram for a better price and performance than these??
    Maybe the transformer box you reviewed or the H96 colored one??

    Many many thanks for your help always Husham.
    Thank you again so much
    God Bless

  6. Hi Husham very nice video. Many many Thanks.
    Can you do a video with Neptune Rising, Genesis Reborn, Death Streams, etc and then take that winner against the winner of this video??

    Thank you again Husham
    God Bless

  7. That was a super nice vid you should do more on add-ons make them step they game up BOB is the slowest of them all like a snail LOL LOL why do people even put that on a build

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