As many do know that Terrarium has been shut down by the developer.

The Terrarium APK was the star attraction of users everywhere, it has taken the scene and even now users are buying Terrarium V Box’s, or some users are now searching for Android Smart Phone that will will work for Terrarium. The fun had never stopped with

This madness of Terrarium seemed that it might not stop and might just continue on as most users stopped using all different type of applications and started to look at Terrarium APK.

Sadly the madness Terrarium was stopped at its tracks. As the developer killed Terrarium.

The developer reasons for cancelling Terrarium is still unclear as only rumours surround the move to kill Terrarium TV APK.

Users on the internet started making Terrarium TV Forks/clones or you might call them as copies.

Users managed to remove the message that the developer posted and created a new apk replacements, this is known as Forks or clones of the APK.

So for a while life was good again.

Unfortunately this followed with Terrarium developer threat to end users.

Users were sad again and was reluctant to use Terrarium TV any more. Still unsure as to why the Terrarium TV developer is trying to force everyone from stopping users to use Terrarium TV.

The latest threat seemed to have been not headed as clones continue to be made and end users were continuing to use the apk with a VPN this time.

The response from the Terrarium TV developer was more Harsh this time.

In order to make sure that people stop using Terrarium TV, The developer start issuing a kill code in the APK.

Basically anyone opened the Terrarium TV APK or any of the clones will find Terrarium TV APK closes for no reason.

And sadness continue as the Terrarium TV apk stoups at it tracks again.



and here comes the solution. after much discovery users have managed to make Terrarium TV APK open up and be used with normal links and Realdebrid links as well.

I managed to make subtitle working and managed to play old and new movies with it.

At the time of writing I found that there is many solution floating on the web.

But all go to different sites and different location which is practically annoying.

Today I am going to tell  the step by step to make Terrarium TV working at the time of this article written.


At the time of writing these steps worked 100%.

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