Titan has recently updated their addon with more movies/tv shows and new LOGO design. The titan team really putting effort to please people with contents that cant be found any where else.

The titan team also came out with the first ever 24/7 addon that is the best with no comparison to it at all. It was the first 24/7 of its kind that randomized tv shows based on the number of shows you want to constantly play, a feature that the titan addon was the first that came out with it.

Movies that are not found anywhere in other addons because they might be classed as history, but this is where the titan team shines light on, as history comes to live when movies old and new appear flawlessly.

This is amazing work by the titan team, with them the best to bring more contents to us soon.



Kind Regards



  1. sir husham i waiting your mobile number also i told you the skype is block in my country i want to subscribe with your service but i have many questions first to understand

  2. is there anyway to get the united states horse racing channels?
    TVG is on every cable provider and direct and dish. HRTV is on most as well.There is one named racetrack network on Dish Network that every race track has their own channel. Most users i know would like tvg. I would donate monetarily to the cause if we could get this done. thanks

  3. Thanks for the videos you post. I really want to install and update my Box but I don’t know where to start.Could you please, give us details step by step on how to install and or update the add-ons?
    Thanks, Best Regards.

  4. Hello, How can I download movies from Titan to my pc hard drive, So I can watch later, I have downloaded a few movies but cant find them on my pc.
    Any help please

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