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Smart IPTV removed completely from Samsung TVs

Smart IPTV is one of the best APPs to stream contents for your Samsung TV New and OLD. Samsung recently decided to stop the app from been installed from the Samsung APP store. mad a workaround to make installing Smart IPTV very easy and simple process from the USB stick ( Click here for more information on Samsung Removed Smart IPTV ).

It was merely a matter of time that Samsung was going to stop installing or even allow manual install. In fact, a while ago I made you all aware that Samsung warned/asked me to remove Smart IPTV Manual install steps. I actually asked them to PAY ME ( LOL ). Samsung was not too talkative after that.

Smart IPTV removed for all updates nowSmart IPTV Removed by Samsung

Smart IPTV has now issued a warning to all that they will no longer be able to help any Samsung TVs. The team behind Smart IPTV asks that you should not remove Smart IPTV or Upgrade your TV any more.

Also, they urge people not to uninstall Smart IPTV from their TVs any more.

Samsung has suspended the app from the Samsung Apps Store without notice.

DO NOT uninstall it, if you want to keep the already installed application working on your TV.

smart iptv message for samsung tv users



Time to smash your Samsung TV

If you ever feel like Samsung TV is not worth it any more, then I felt the same and decided to take the matter in my own hands too.

What does it mean if I have Smart IPTV Installed Already?

What does this mean

If you have Smart IPTV installed in your Samsung Smart TV ( NO SO SMART TV Any More ), then you will need to make sure to stop auto-update and make sure not to uninstall any more. look for information on how to stop auto-update in here.

Shall I Switch My Samsung TV OFF now?Swtich Off TV now

If this all goes how it goes, then Samsung just basically sold us all a TV that only works for the Free View and has no interest to allow users to save money and want you to buy NEW TVs. If you decide to break the TV or destroy it or simply turn it off, then I completely understand. However, I do recommend you try out the steps in Installing Smart IPTV manually first and see if it works. I will try to update the software as much as I can to make it work for all the TVs. Click here for the updated Manual steps information that I recently posted.

What does the future look like for this?

With Smart IPTV removed, Chances are we are looking at Samsung only want to push their own software or more Apple TV Casting TV software which is very surprising to be honest as I didn’t think that these the Fruit company and Samsung were working so close before until this situation occurred.

Shall I get a new TV?

If you want to buy a new TV, Can I recommend no MORE Samsung TV, please? I recommend Android TV only with Google play store already installed on it. And even if Samsung make a new tv with Googe play store installed on it, I still don’t think we should use Samsung TV in the future. Let’s face it, they can’t be trusted with such a bad Karma that they brought on themself.

TVs you can try to buy are either the Sony Android TV or Philips new Android TV. We now have new companies making new Android TV with google play store install. Companies like Sharp, TCL and Skyworth. However these are brand new companies, and there are few reviews on it, Check out the Android TV website for more information.

Convert your Samsung TV Firestick

Firestick Smart IPTV
Firestick Smart IPTV

Yes Firestick, can be a great idea to keep your Samsung TV Smart and transmit even 4k. if you get the Firestick 4k. Very simple and easy and you can even install most apps on the Firestick including Smart IPTV, See this video how to install Smart IPTV on The firestick.

Your Vote/Help needed.

Here is your chance to help. I need signatures of people to vote if they want Smart IPTV placed back in the Samsung APP store for all TVs.  I will take these Votes personally to Samsung and ask them to rethink annoying their customers.

Click here to vote and Have your SAY now voice out to Samsung TV that we want Smart IPTV place back in the Samsung TV. All of Samsung TV, not just a new TV.

Go on Have your SAY now





  1. Husham – Thx for work but N.B. pic on Samsung Qled on-tv apps *much* better than from firestick. I use prime vid on-tv – much better than from firestick even tho I lose voice commands.

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