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Top 10 KODI Addons

KODI addons has been the featured option to have for KODI Media Centre, usually KODI Users will install KODI in a KODI Compatible device and install KODI Addons to watch either Movies, TV Shows, Live TV and the content can vary from one addons to the other with some addons even having Radio or Music Videos or even YouTube Channel contents. The XBMC Foundation which is the KODI Media centre founder has been improving KODI for many years now and running as a non profit organisation.

And Despite the KODI Team refusing to assist or interact with third party addons. KODI Enthusiastic users continue to making KODI Addons with contents that gathered from the web such as google or specific websites.

The growth of the KODI users and KODI Addons has taken the internet general community by surprise, now days KODI is mentioned around the water cooler in universities and school and the work place more often then any one would know

KODI Addons seems to attract users from low budget families to the rich and wild high class minorities.

KODI Addons became the centre of attention from all number of authorities that continue to take it down to the ground. This lead users directly to hid their activates with a Virtual Private Network or VPN, this is an inexpensive solution to protect users traffic.

Using the KODI Addons in Windows Android MAC iPhone

KODI ADDONS can be installed in any platform that KODI installed on, KODI Media centre can be Downloaded installed on many platforms including Android, Windows, MAC, IPhones and many others.

Smart TV

Users that have compatible TV's  can use KODI in s smart TVs too.

Making your TV Compatible for KODI

Users have found the best option to making their TV a smart tv is to get a compatible KODI device and making the transition this way. The KODI Devices are probably the cheapest and fastest way to convert a television to a KODI SMART TV.

The Top 10 KODI Addons

Listed below is the Top 10 KODI addons to have

13 Clowns Addon –

The 13 Clowns Kodi addon is a multi-source addon built from the Exodus Redux code base. 13 Clowns enables LambdaScrapers by default so that those who had trouble enabling scrapers on their own have an automatic way done for them!

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming contents.

Realdebrid will be required to acquire 1080 links

The Fearless MMA – 

The Fearless MMA Kodi addon is a revamp of a long-running playlist source that has gone by a number of names such as Subzero and Versus. It has been taken over by a new curator and repo. The latest incarnation is Fearless MMA.

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming contents

Exodus Redux – 

Exodus Redux is a new Kodi addon that gives you access to tons of movies and shows. It looks a lot like the very popular Exodus addon and even has the same logo. But, after having used both I have drawn some comparisons and believe Exodus Redux is better than Exodus.

Exodus Redus can use RealDebrid, TrackIT, Subtitles, Download Movies and TV Shows

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

Gaia – 

Gaia Kodi addon is a fork of one of the very popular addons, Bubbles. This addon offers you access to a wide range of movies and TV shows. Gaia scrapes the internet and fetches the high-quality content from the multiple sources. It is also compatible with third-party services like and Real Debrid. I like the design simplicity the Gaia addon interface has to offer. Run Gaia, simply pick a category and start streaming your favorite content.

Gaia can use RealDebrid, TrackIT, Subtitles, Download Movies and TV Shows

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

DeathStar – 

DeathStar is a relatively new Kodi addon that lets you stream video content including on-demand movies and shows, live TV, music, sports, and a lot more. Yes, all at one place. DeathStar isn’t like any other Kodi addon you must have known. This addon packs a complete library of the most amazing Kodi addons. It has 40 add-ons as I write this article and I am expecting more will be added soon.

You will most likely be needing to use a VPN when using Streaming contents


The FDJ addon is a mega featuring that characteristics components from various various aged increase-ons. Those involve Flash doc. High definition, Document.High definition, Alive.High definition, Beats.High definition, Humor.High definition, and Illusionism.Hd. This one is wonderful due to the fact of all of these choices. You won’t want to overlook out on it. To get it, use our guide to enable you obtain and put in it.

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

Joker Sports – 

Sports is often a common topic in the Kodi earth. Simply because of that, we appreciate to see sports add-ons. You just cannot have too many resources for your favourite pastime. You should undoubtedly examine this a person out. You can get it by utilizing our manual to aid you obtain and set up it currently.

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

Incursion –

The Incursion Kodi addon is a multi-source Kodi addon based off of the old Covenant code base. Since it is multi-source based, it searches the public internet and retrieves streams, displaying them in an organized format. The advantage to the multi-source addon is that if one website goes offline, the addon still has other sources to pull content in from.

Incursion can use RealDebrid, TrackIT, Subtitles, IPTV or live TV, Download Movies and TV Shows

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

The Magic Dragon – 

Cinema APK is one of the Best APK to replace Terrarium, Cinema APK had issued another update to upgrade the version to 1.3.2a

Cinema HD APK can use RealDebrid, TrackIT, Subtitles, Download Movies and TV Shows

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

Atom Reborn – 

1st, you have to have to know that Atom Reborn is an all-in-1 addon. It delivers a really huge library of streamable titles that address all the key parts. This consists of movies, Television shows, small children-pleasant written content, documentaries, and even IPTV. In other terms, this is a combined bag of numerous types of written content. As this kind of, we believe that that Atom Reborn could be a useful addition to your Kodi.

Atom Reborn can use RealDebrid, TrackIT, Subtitles, Download Movies and TV Shows plus a single click play option.

Recommend using VPN when using Streaming or downloading contents

More Options

More applications are coming to the KODI Scene, I will review them more as they rise to the top and list them here in Mean time if you feel I missed any or if you have that I should have mentioned then feel free to leave a comment below with the name of the application


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