WhatsApp Direct share not available message

Took me months to figure out a silly fix that I can do my self for direct share in my one plus 7T with WhatsApp and Google Photos
I’m sharing it here for you guys to help anyone that want to get assistance on it.
This might not be my usual videos but I’m trying to help anyone that need this solution as it’s an odd one that no one wrote about it or made a proper video on it


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  1. Direct Share not avaialable – tried your fix by downloading from the web as opposed to Google Play Store – still no joy. All I do is try to invite friends using WhatsApp and that bloody screen keeps showing. The WhatsApp team are struggling to find an answer as well. Just thought I would let you know. My wife’s phone works fine!! Is WhatsApp becoming sexist??????

    My phone is a Motorola One Action, running Android 10. WhatsApp runs fine apart from inviting friends.

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