IPTV Stream Player V2 Windows and MAC Version

iptv stream player

IPTV Stream Player V2 Windows and MAC Version

IPTV Stream Player is an application that allows you to stream your IPTV service in windows.

This application is currently my best application to be used in the PC and it's completely free


  • Full-Screen playback
  • Built Player
  • Streams XtreamCodes IPTV services
  • Works with new and old IPTV services
  • Continues to work after the recent IPTV issues
  • Windows Version available
  • Mac Version available
  • APK version coming soon
  • IOS Version coming soon

Is IPTV Stream Player Free to use?

Yes the application is been free at the moment and publically available for everyone to download and use

Does IPTV Stream Player contain Live TV contents?

The app is an IPTV player only and does not contain Live TV contents, so you will need to get your own subscription of Live TV

Are there EPG settings for this app?

EPG settings are auto downloadable for certain IPTV Subscriptions. However, there are no manual EPG settings. Honestly, I didn't see requirements since the IPTV service I used, auto-download.

Is VPN required to use IPTV Stream Player?

Depending on your Internet provider and your location, then any usage of IPTV streams might actually require VPN

What VPN can I use?

I use different VPN depending on the stream I will use, and I have tested many different VPNs recently. The ones that worked best for streaming contents are listed below.

How do I download IPTV Stream Player?

Available downloads at the moment are from these links


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the reliability of the stream using this APP and even more so by the picture quality. There were countless channels that stream in HD quality and high FPS. This makes watching action movies and fast-paced sports programs very enjoyable.


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