KODI SHUTDOWN with CrimeStoppers

Streaming devices, such as set-top-boxes or sticks are perfectly legal when used to access content that has been legitimately paid for or that is legally available for free, but many are being modified or purchased with unauthorised apps and add-ons pre-installed that allow people to illegally watch copyrighted content.

KODI SHUTDOWN with CrimeStoppers

Once again the war for Shutting down KODI is on the move by the UK, From the USA attack in one front by attracting Net Neutrality. The UK is now invoking CrimeStorppers which is an independent charity helping law enforcement to locate criminals and help solve crimes is after KODI Box sellers.

Crimestoppers has partnered with the Intellectual Property Office and other industry partners to help protect you and your family from the impact of illegal streaming. If you have information on who is selling or distributing these fully loaded devices. 

After the recent attack by the BBC One Show

Kodi CRACKDOWN – Shocking new stat reveals why millions could be at risk from legal action

Which led countless fans very upset about it, The UK has stepped up by classifying a new category to Streaming BOXs or so called KODI Boxs by identifying them to ISD.

UK KODI MUST SHUTDOWN do not use KODI Devices, they are Illicit Streaming devices or ISD

With the world after the so called KODI Boxs, and there is a spreading of a rumour that these boxes can blow up and despiate the recent reports that they way that the industry going about it is the wrong way.

KODI SHUTDOWN THREATS NOT WORKING – KODI Users STILL stream and New Rules NOT Working to stop Piracy

The Media is insisting in tackling this by going with Laws and new tactics to attract users to use only offical TV media. Basically and in small words, Pay TV License and Pay heavy Sat or cable bills.

I am trying so much not take it personal when writing these articles but I find so irritating that the the entire WORLD Media and New Laws are now been made such as the ISD and Net Neutrality with out fixing the original issue. The reason why most people go out of their way to get so called KODI BOX or ISD, is no more just a minority groups but a majority of world order, users are Telling The Media companies to STOP, We want something better.

However the Media companies obviously has money to spend to bring down Net Neutrality, or ISD laws or Going after users with a big program such as the BBC KODI shutdown.

This latest new action is from Crime Stoppers which is a charity to help out law enforcement to tackle big issues, such as finding a criminal organisation or capturing escaping criminals, Or finding organisations that took your money and giving customers their good after sale.

You may think you’re getting a bargain if you buy a box or stick that is fully-loaded with Kodi software and illegal apps or add-ons, or if you subscribe to a service that offers them through your laptop or mobile device. However, you could also be helping to fund organised crime and bringing it into your community. 

The above statement from the Crimestoppers website is a warning to users to stop using KODI Software and Apps such as APK and IPTV on all your Streaming devices which include KODI Box, Mobile, PC or Laptops.

This is probably the first time that an article is written to warn users and include KODI with a Laptop and Mobile phones, some would say that we have stepped out of the looking glass and now can see that this is a well funded program to involve even the Crimestoppers Charity to tackle such issue.

KODI Software is most likely running wild with many people getting hurt and having their life destroyed like a drug by bringing these KODI BOXs or KODI Software , you basically getting raped many times that must involve a big origination like Crime Stoppers, the IPO  and BBC.

Leave your comment below to advise how much of a problem this criminal the so called KODI BOX is a problem and we much catch it immediately.

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