Seren Kodi Addon Movies TV Shows 2020

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Seren Kodi Addon Movies TV Shows 2020

Seren is the latest released Kodi addon to watch Movies and TV Shows. Popular Scraper such as Trakt, Real Debrid, and Premiumize are available on the addon. Personally I use Realdebrid for every KODI addon, that and a good VPN, and I use IPVAnish so I get a good stream and no buffering with realdebrid as well

Seren is a fresh development that is very much in beta right now. But it is looking like it could be something special. You need to know that only Real-Debrid link options are available at this time. There is some seriously clever functionality going on in the background of this add-on which speeds the whole process up. Trakt is also included for your convenience. Expect a few bugs warns the developer, but for now, enjoy.

Changes log in v1.4.7

  • Fixed hundreds of other bug and optimizations
  • Increase speed in TMDb module by threading more network requests
  • Enable Kodi Menu caching on search results
  • Fixed Premiumize visibility equations
  • Real Debrid/ Premiumize are required to use. This mean if you have not any these premium account, you can not using Seren.
  • Fixed Background Scraping Display style
  • Changes new Seren's icon
  • MASSIVE speed increase to syncing with Trakt
  • The custom windows have been rebuilt
  • Change to the way URL's are built for Seren
  • The issues with Apple devices have been fixed
  • The local Torrent Database got a re-work.
  • Fixed issue with Custom Providers refresh not honouring disabled status
  • Or visit full seren change log to read the full list of bug fixes, changes & new features


Much like all KODI addons, you can use a VPN to use with add-ons, it is always recommended to use a VPN as time and time again Addon providers are failing the trust of their users.

Much like the recent event with an APK as the developer devised to release users information that used his application to the police.

using a VPN is always a good practice and always safe.


As you know films stream faster with realdebrid especially with kodi addons, realdebrid setup is very easy to set up with this addon as the settings is the first thing you see when you open the addon among the options with movies and tv shows.

Please note that dont make any money from realdebrid affiliation, but recommend it as it makes links better and faster to stream.


How to Install Seren Kodi Addon on Leia:Seren Kodi Addon Review, Info, Install Guide Updates

  • Launch Kodi
  • Select Setting
  • Click on File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Select None
  • Type and Press Done
  • Enter a name for media Source, type Nixgates & Press OK
  • Go back to Home Screen
  • Select Add-Ons
  • Click on the Open box type icon
  • Select Install from zip file
  • Tap on Nixgates
  • Select
  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
  • Select Install from Repository
  • Click on Nixgates Repo
  • Click on Video add-ons
  • Select Seren
  • Click on Install
  • Wait until you see Seren Add-on installed message
  • Seren is now installed and ready to use.

 Install providers for addon Seren

Seren is built to accept individual provider packs. These providers are responsible for getting files from hosting websites and cached torrents. These providers require premium accounts and use normal downloads to get the files (no p2p is used on your device). Currently, there are two popular providers scrapers are a4kScrapers & CivitasScrapers. Now, we will going to install a4kScrapers for Seren.


From Home Seren screen, select Tools


Select Open Settings Menu


In the left bar, click Providers tab & continue active Enable Automatic Provider Updates in the right bar.


Now, click on Install Provider Package


Continue select Web Location…

Type exactly this URL: then click OK to continue.


Press the Install button to download & install a4kScrapers plugin for Seren.


Click OK.


Ok. Now you're ready to use Seren. You can go to Tools > Open Settings Menu > Sort & Filter tab and adjust the preferences to your liking. You can set filters to get stream links that best fits your bandwidth.

How to Setting up Trakt with Seren?

Seren also provides full Trakt integration to give you access to your Collection, lists and bookmarks. Now, we're going to setup in Trakt for Seren.

Select Tools


Continue select Open Settings Menu


In the left bar, select Accounts tab and continue find & select Authorize Traktfrom the right bar


An Seren:Authorize Trakt box will popup and show you an authorization CODE (like as ABCXYZ). Copy this CODE and go to next step


Using any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc..) & visit and enter the authorization code (ABCXYZ). (You must be logged into your account)


Press Yes button to link Seren to your Trakt account


Go back in Kodi you will see a Successfully authenticated with Trakt dialogue, press OK to continue


After few of seconds, you’ll be asked to perform the Initial sync with Trakt, press Yes and wait until the synchronization finished. Done!

How To Install Next Up Service?

Go back Install from repository & select Nixgates Repo


And select Services


Select Up Next


Click Install button

Select the version from Nigates Repo


A list of kodi dependencies & plugin will be required to install, click OK button to continue


Wait for Up Next Add-on installed

Seren kodi addon

Now, click on Up Next

Then click on the Configure button

Change Default action when nothing is selected to Don’t Play

And activate Enable on Playlists

Click OK to confirm. Done!


So. I have finished all steps to help you learn about How to install Up Next plugin in Seren & how to config Up Next service. Hope this tutorial will help you a bit to make Seren Kodi Addon working better for You. If this guide is helpful, please share it for your friends or anyone, anywhere that you are known. THANKS SO MUCH

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