Torrent Feark Gets a Take Down Action – Starz Take down TorrentFreak

‘Impostors’ Manipulate Google With Fake Takedown Request

Torrent Feark Gets a Take Down Action – Starz Take down TorrentFreak

TorrentFreak gets a takedown by STARS, Torrent Freak been covering copyright and piracy related news fora long time now.

they write about things that copyright holders are not happy with.

Earlier this week Torrent Freak published an article and in the span of a few days, several TV-show episodes leaked online before their official release, which is something that rarely happens but was fantastic for most fans of the pirate community.

Due to the leak, complete seasons of unreleased TV-shows such as “The Spanish Princess,” “Ramy,” and “The Red Line,” surfaced on pirate sites. In most cases, there were visible signs revealing that the leaks were sourced from promotional screeners.

Among the treasure trove of leaks were also several unreleased episodes of the Starz hit series “American Gods.” This was not the of news the American entertainment company wanted to see published. Torrent Freak fealt it was a good idea that to share that information as it was news worthy.


The tweet

To our surprise, however, this tweet is now no longer available. ___ informed us a few hours ago that The Social Element Agency asked it to remove the “infringing” tweet on behalf of Starz.

The social media platform complied with the request and as a result, our tweet is now “withheld,” or removed if you will.


According to the takedown notice, Starz argues that the tweet is infringing because it links to an article where people can see “of images of the unreleased episodes” and find more “information about their illegal availability.”

From the DMCA takedown notice

“Starz has no right to silence TorrentFreak’s news article or block links to it. The article reports that there are people on the Internet infringing copyright, but that is a far cry from being an infringement itself,” Walsh says.

“The screenshots are important parts of the reporting that validate the facts being reported. Starz should withdraw its takedown and refrain from harassing journalists in the future,” she adds.

Torrent Freak reached out directly to the Starz representative who sent the DMCA notice to request comment and further information. If Starz doesn’t withdraw its takedown notice Torrent Freak will consider appropriate follow-up steps including a DCMA counter strike and Court actiuon



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