UK Jail Arrests for KODI Style ISD ( Illicit streaming devices ) in 2018


UK Jail Arrests for KODI Style ISD ( Illicit streaming devices ) in 2018

Ever wondered if people going to JAIL for KODI BOXes? and How many?

Illegal Streaming with in KODI BOX is no longer in the GRAY area as mentioned in many times in United Kingdom courts. Specially after Media companies have pushed for the new Law to punish all any one selling or watching illegal contents in the UK.

So far we have had many reports of cases of people sent letters to Cease and Desist or Just sent to courts.

But do you know the full arrest cases in the UK Courts?

Here is a list of the on-going battle against KODI Box Users.

Courts Cases


Allot of take down get to take place but not many reach a court cases, below are the ones we are been made aware of in the UK.

Other Cases

You probably wondering what is the meaning of other cases, Other cases are the ones that don't make the public EYE or News and just rumoured.

Just like cases like in the poplar show Suites, Cases so times get to be QUITE and behind closed doors.

It is well known that the UK Agencies are doing their best with what they have been allowed to do, back.

Back in May 2016 Story broke out Hollywood will no longer fund UK FACT other wise known Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Speaking with Screen Daily, MPA Europe president Stan McCoy explained that local funding for FACT had been withdrawn in favor of financing larger regional hubs with a wider remit.

The relevant regional office dealing with the UK is the MPA’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) in Brussels which aims to provide “a nimble local presence and a direct relationship with local law enforcement.”

FACT seem to have stepped up their game after that with constant Cease and Desist letters and more cases reported that they assisted in arrests.



Is using ISD or KODI Like devices Legal or safe.

According to the UK Government KODI BOXES are not safe, and most KODI BOXES BLOW UP, which is the justification reason that they introduced the new law not to use these devices.

UK government put the law against ISD ( Illicit streaming devices ) was mainly for the concern of the public first as reports were that these boxes BLOW up due to bad power adaptor/converter.

Ok maybe not BLOW UP like a BOMB but more like burn up. Despite to this day I have not had a box burn or blow up in any way, these reports came to the UK Governments and forced their hand to introduce the new LAW

It is clearly established that Kodi itself is completely a legal media player. Installing and using Kodi to watch copyrighted content through the authorised sources is legal. It is the free online streaming of the licensed content that often leads to difficult situations.

Typically as a user, you are unlikely to attract penalties or punishments for streaming the licensed content.

However, those who watch, distribute, sell or promote pirated content or the tools to offer access to such content are subject to heavy penalties and jail time. I do not condone copyright violation and encourage you to watch free content available only in the public domain. However, recommend using a VPN service to mask your online activities from your Government or ISP.


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