RockCrusher KODI XBMC Phoniex GOLD message


Gold message from rock Crusher

RockCrusher KODI XBMC Phoniex GOLD message

Phoenix developer Rockcrusher sent message to all.. I really think that you guys need to look at it.. This is really like gold

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below message is a tweet that was sent by rock crusher and I mentioned it in my early videos today when I was talking about about Empire strike back video

and some of the important part of the message regarding broadband

Important please disable any internet blocker or child guard feature that your provider has put in place to keep you from visiting streaming sites, below is a guide for providers that block some sites.

EE Broadband

Talk Talk home safe, if your internet provider is TalkTalk you need to disable your Home Safe internet security please see this link for more info

Virgin: internet virus safe If you have Virgin internet you will need to disable your virus Safe and child lock from your My Virgin Account or you will be limited to what you can view Click this link This is the link

BT: The following guide should enable you to disable their ‘Smart Setup’ feature. Some users have reported problems with their Home Hub and it is mainly due to this ‘Smart Setup’ messing up the settings that Kodi relies upon. You may also need to add your device in BT Settings.

Sky: Sky Shield If you have Sky you will need to disable your Sky Shield Click this link. This is the link

He also explains about the phoniex addon and what you should do to fix, this should help answer most questions regarding the phoniex addon including IPTV section and the rest.

Thank you to rock crusher message which is a true testament that there are people out there that will help us..

Dont forget people that Phoenix team like to help you all the time to get the best out of your KODI experience.. this is really a way forward to experiencing the best enjoyable times with KODI.

Phoenix team You are the best.. Thank you so much


Husham Memar



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