ON AIR – 👍KODI 👍Streaming

ON AIR – 👍KODI 👍Streaming

ON AIR – 👍KODI 👍IPTV 👍Android 👍Windows 👍Streaming
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Sorry the live show ended at the end by a computer blue screen


Today live show I talked about two new addons I will release I also talked about the new addons that showed up Me and Demi talked about how much we hate about addons with PIN Codes We also talked about the ongoing hate with the community that causes many to DDOS attack others Also the voting will continue until further notice on weather you want live shows to continue


Sorry the live show ended at the end by a computer blue screen

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➜UK KODI MUST SHUTDOWN do not use KODI Devices, they are Illicit Streaming devices or ISD
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➜ 1080 and 4k Contents while streaming with no buffering – www.husham.com/best-kodi-hd-movies-tv-kodi-2017-covenant-shutdown/
➜ KODI 17.6 Released – www.husham.com/kodi-v17-6-final-last/
➜ New TV and Movies addon to take over – www.husham.com/fantastic-kodi-addon-new-november-2017-with-hd-movies-hd-tv-shows-exodus-covenant-replacement/
➜Kodi CRACKDOWN – Shocking new stat reveals why millions could be at risk – www.husham.com/kodi-crackdown-shocking-new-stat-reveals-millions-risk-legal-action/

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