AZULLE Quantum Access LAN Fanless Mini PC Stick – WINDOWS 10 & LAN PORT – BEST WINDOWS STICK

The Stick Revolution has arrived – See this stick in action and personally I say this is has my HUSHAM Approval for you to get it.

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The Quantum Access LAN PC Stick is the world’s first and only computer stick with LAN connection not to mention FANLESS.

This makes it the ideal PC Stick for any business that relies on direct internet connection. The Quantum Access LAN PC Stick sports Windows® 10 OS.

This unique PC stick is a great alternative to clunky computer towers and easily connects with its built in HDMI output to any monitor or TV.

Key Benefits

LAN Connection: The ONLY PC stick in the market with a LAN connection. This allows you to choose your method of connection based on your preferences. The Quantum Access LAN PC Stick also comes with the traditional Wi-Fi connectability.

Fanless: This Mini PC stick silently keeps itself cool to ensure long-lasting satisfaction.

Windows 10 OS: You can work with all Microsoft products in a seamless fashion and maintain productivity.

Small: This PC stick is smaller than your hand and it fits where most other computers don’t. It is perfect for kiosks, smart conference rooms, and office hoteling.

Powerful: Its powerful Intel® Quad Core Z3735F processor allows it to operate like any most other computers despite its small size.

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  1. the biggest issue with device would be the heat which will be coming out of it and it would also impact its performance i had this sort of HDMI PC with same configuration bought a year ago by Meego works good but over heats need fan of passive heat sinks let me know what is your opinion on it.

  2. Now this IS cool. Only question I have though is (and I maybe asking something stupid here, so bare with me) but if you watch a 1080p film via Kodi / Addon through it, will it display as 1080p on a TV because surely the stick can't have HD / 1080p graphics card in it?

  3. i consider my self a good reseller. cuz i don't mark my boxes up above retail. i bet any price on amazon and that is for a stock box not fully loaded. but i only sell fully loaded with lifetime updates to local people

  4. not trying to be rude hushman. you do a fantastic job with all your videos and love the live show with all the other great youtube people. in no way am i a hater. just wanna give back to the people that taught me stuff with their videos. noticed people over look the specs and tech stuff all the time. its important. thats y the sheild is good. cuz of the specs. but there are other products under 150 that run kodi and any apk fantastic. well hope to hear from you buddy. maybe joe or one of the others on your live chat can test a box i am talking about since they are in usa. i will ship them one for free. just to get the word out. i am a reseller but have only been doing my local market. but i could help others not local. just can't do all the support i do local. only a one man show. have enough on my plate now.

  5. I don't know what all the fuss is about having a stick? I don't want a stick hanging out of the back of my TV with power cables/USB Hub cables etc, imagine all the stress on your TV's HDMI port, no thanks. Are the stick makers short of HDMI cables or something. I would rather have a small box with a HDMI cable. They could make it a 3rd of the size of a MXQ/MX3 and have 3 USB ports that can power 3TB HDD so no need to use power supply for USB devices. Anyway, I won't be rushing out to buy one of these any time soon. Good review though and nice to see a PC with such a small form factor non the less. Also please state if it comes with ACTIVATED Windows 10 or does the end user have to pay for a licence.

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