UnBoxing Droidbox T8s Dual Boot Android and Linux ( OpenElec ) – Review Part1

UnBoxing Droidbox T8s Dual Boot Android and Linux ( OpenElec ) – Review Part1

Droidbox T8s DualBoot Android and linux Review
This is the new T8s from droidbox.co.uk, Check out this video of the entire me unboxing this clevel little box.

I am really enjoying the speed and the dual boot with this device.

Ask Droidbox for more information on the droidbox.
I will be doing more parts to this video as to show more on the droidbox

Droidbox direct link to get one is

Enjoy you guys
Husham Memar .


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  1. Hello Husham,
    im from the UK, sorry but im not a very technical person but im currently paying alot of money to watch skysports and sky movies. ive been told about T8s. can you tell me if i can watch live sports on channel skysports and BT SPORTS please

  2. شكرا أخي هشام هل هذا الجهاز موجود في الأسواق العربيه وتحديدا في الكويت وكام سعره تقريباً ولك جزيل الشكر على مجهودك

  3. Husham! I need ur help on how to extract live stream url to be played on vlc player I have the software that u had recommended once before hidownload, is there anyway i could contact u via Skype? Great video by the way 🙂

  4. Don't see the T8S model in the website link,is there a certain place to order it? I just see the regular T8 model,or which model would u recommend? Buying as a gift for someone not very tech savvy. Thnx for the great unboxing and walk through,been a huge fan for months now

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