Best Android TV 2019 – Philips SMART TV IPTV KODI MOVIES TV SHOWS PERFECT player


The new 2019 Best Android TV with full 4k Picture and Install APPS and Games on it, plus Ambilight 3-sided on tv makes the TV Experience magic
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I compared the Philips Android TV with Sony Android TV in this youtube video.

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  1. Husham, I have a question or two, what buffering addon can I add to my firestick to stop add-ons like cyberflik, from buffering? I downloaded olatv, it's cool but some of the U.S. channels like Bet tv, and ESPN, have no sound the picture quality is awesome, but their is no sound. But number one problem is the buffering on the firestick, I have ex maintenance buffering in Kodi, that work really great, but the firestick that's a different problem, my speed is good, I have 5g. Is their any other free streaming services beside olatv?

  2. Philips TV's have bad sound and you have a lot of lag while playing PS4. I got 65" 4k but the quality isn't that good. The price is ok but that is it. Better get a sharp or panasonic if you can't get a samsung. Sony are overpriced samsung are better in quality and cheaper.

  3. Husham we should have a contest! I'll bet in your next video you cant keep the words "really cool" from your video!! Hahaha
    Very nice setup Husham, now you can sell the sheild tv!! Theres no need for it anymore..
    How big is that TV 55" ?

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