Cyber Security Month VPN Deal: 2 Years Premium Kodi VPN

Cyber Security Month VPN Deal: 2 Years Premium Kodi VPN

October is Cyber Security Awareness month and if you have been looking for a premium Kodi VPN deal, now is the time! For the price of a coffee per month, you can protect your internet connection for two years.

Sign up for a 2 year Kodi VPN for just $3.74 per month by clicking here

Not sure you need a VPN? Let’s have a look at the facts!

Why You Need a Kodi VPN for Cyber Security Awareness Month

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that allows you to connect to the internet without worry about third parties seeing your traffic. It does this by redirecting your internet traffic through an encrypted and secure tunnel.

VPN software masks your IP Address and physical location, allowing you to view content that would not normally be available in your area.

For Kodi, a VPN gives you the following advantages:

  • Stream, download, and view content on the internet anonymously
  • You’ll be able to access all geo-blocked content in Kodi from all of the best Kodi addons.
  • Your connection is protected when using torrent or acestream files – the most reliable links in Kodi.

Did you know:

Where you live has a HUGE impact on how many links and streams you see in Kodi addons and Android apps.

In many countries such as the UK, most of the scrapers used by Kodi addons are geo-blocked and unaccessible. This means that no matter how many addons or builds you install, you’ll never see the amount of links that net-neutral areas do.

Why This Kodi VPN Deal?

There are a few deals why this Cyber Security Month VPN Kodi deal is great for our followers:

  • Native Android TV and Amazon Fire APKs
  • Unlimited bandwidth and usage
  • No throttling or blocking of any traffic, ports, or protocols
  • Easy to use interface
  • Coverage in 20+ countries throughout the world.
  • Access to 650+ VPN servers
  • Log free
  • 24/7/365 support

How to Sign Up

Sign up for a 2 year Kodi VPN for just $3.74 per month by clicking here

After you sign up for your  Cyber Security Month VPN deal:

After you sign up, setup your VPN application on your Kodi hardware:

Click here for our Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV setup guide.

Click here for our Android TV Kodi setup guide.


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