How Anonymous Are Cloud Torrenting Products and services?

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cctv cameras surveillanceJust about every day, tens of millions of folks obtain documents through BitTorrent. This functions properly but there is 1 important drawback every thing you download can be tracked.

To bypass this privateness concern many persons have started to use VPNs, numerous of which give good anonymity. Some others favor cloud torrenting equipment, which also assist to hide users’ IP-addresses.

More than the past number of decades we have often asked VPN suppliers how anonymous they truly are. Nevertheless, very little is identified about the privacy policies and logging techniques of cloud torrenting providers. These days, we hope to fill this gap.

At the begin of the week we arrived at out to a number of of the primary cloud torrenting companies to ask some in-depth thoughts. In unique, we required to know what facts they keep and if that can expose customers.

The checklist of all concerns, together with the responses from companies, is detailed below. At the bottom of the post we give a summary, as properly as a checklist of these who unsuccessful to react at all.

1. Does your services obtain any short-term or lasting facts that can website link a timestamp and IP-deal with to a certain user on your support? If so, what data do you accumulate and how long is that saved?

2. Does your services retailer any individually identifiable facts of people (which includes IP-addresses)? If so, what information do you shop, and for how prolonged?

3. Does your support retail store the names/hashes or other figuring out details of downloaded written content (saved on your servers) that can be connected with a unique user? If so, for how extensive?

4. Does your services store the names/hashes or other determining details of formerly downloaded information (immediately after becoming taken out from the user’s account) that can be related with a certain user? If so, for how lengthy?

5. How does your service answer to DMCA notices or equivalent takedown requests?

6. Do you have a repeat infringer policy? If so, what does it entail?


premiumize logo1. No, we never log any IP entry information. Our whole company is developed to have small logging and is incredibly gentle on the databases amount. That retains issues very simple.

2. The most special userkey is the user’s e mail handle. We preserve that for noticeable causes – to safe the account and achieve the person. We preserve it right up until the account is deleted. Aside from that we really don't store something, but other info could possibly be stored by our payment gateways. Very little definitely can be accomplished there besides moving to Bitcoin – which we support and love.

3. There are two elements to our support. One is for fetching (eg a transfer career for importing the documents into cloud storage) and then there’s the true cloud storage. There is certainly a databases that one-way links the data files to the user’s account but that link is gone at the time the person deletes(eliminates) the file from their cloud. We cannot restore information and are not able to backtrack who included/transferred what.

4.No, we do not.

5. Luckily for us we never have this problem considering that our business enterprise design does not have any type of sharing or publishing. Generated filelinks are locked to the user’s account and cannot be accessed externally.

6. We do not and it would be fairly difficult since we do not have the logs. For now, we are material with the existing lawful circumstance.

TorrentFreak summary: There are no logs that can link a person’s IP-address to an account. Premiumize can url information to person accounts and data


transfercloud logo1. The very last IP deal with is registered when the user logs on and it is cleared when the consumer logs out. This IP is only made use of to permit entry to their downloaded information, and it is correlated with the login cookie. This is short-term and the privateness of the user is certain when they logout. The e mail is applied to sign up and as an account recovery mechanism.

2. Every single account is involved with an e-mail address. Even although we frown on ‘temporary’ or ‘disposable’ e-mail, we make no work in collecting the true name. In actuality, if the person logs in with a Fb account and refuses to share their electronic mail handle, we do not store any address at all. E-mail is only made use of to ensure the ownership of the account and enable customers to ‘recover’ their possess account and not be offered for any individual else.

At any issue, end users can change their email handle or delete it. Also, at any place any person can inquire for account deletion and all data will be purged on ask for. We are operating on adding an automated system for this.

Now, if the person upgrades their account, our payment processor asks for PII to assure the identity of the person to guard from credit history card fraud. This info STAYS on their servers and is not readily available from ours. We really do not use that information at all, we just obtain the activation for a specific account.

3. See the following response.

4. On all active or former transfers the authentic request is saved as very long as the consumer leaves them on their ‘downloaded’ list. As soon as they distinct this checklist, that details is purged and can no for a longer period be related with the person.

5. We answer as quickly as the ask for is obtained. We delete the referred articles and comply, informing the user why it was deleted and suggesting they do not consider downloading any copyrighted material.

6. We have not had to enforce any “repeat infringer” policies, but we do not disclose the limits we would take into account as abuse to stay clear of buyers attempting to “pass down below the radar”. To be very clear, despite the fact that we do have a “fair use” coverage for bandwidth utilization, we have not had to impose any restrictions, as we try to permit the users to use the company to their greatest probable, and as an alternative, we are genuinely joyful to see consumers love it that substantially.

TorrentFreak summary: There are momentary logs that can hook up a person’s IP-tackle to an account. TransferCloud can connection non-deleted information and down load histories to user accounts and information

1. Considering the fact that we are a Turkish enterprise we are demanded to abide by Turkish legal guidelines, which are a lot more involved about curtailing cost-free speech than privacy. And considering that there is no speech at we’re not keeping a record of [‘all’] made use of IP addresses.

We do retain the previous employed IP handle to create a download token that invalidates obtain backlinks when requested from other IP addresses. We keep this last IP handle as long as the user is logged in. It is erased when the person logs out or is inactive for 7 times. This is a precaution in opposition to abuse. We are at the moment performing on a solution that will make it pointless to continue to keep the past IP tackle.

2. We retain the username, claimed email address and the last IP deal with for the reason defined earlier mentioned. We have no obtain to users’ payment facts. These are stored by our payment companies

3. There is an association with the account and the transfer employment as prolonged as they are displayed on the transfers web page, and there is an affiliation in between the account and the files as extended as they are stored below that account. There is also a background website page that lists the newest transfer careers, but it can be turned off.

These associations disappear the instant the transfers page is cleared, the files are deleted or the record web page is cleared (or disabled). We wouldn’t be capable to answer the dilemma “What has this user downloaded?” just after that.

Also, if the user ever destroys their account, we damage almost everything linked to the account. The only record we preserve is a log entry that states that an account with that username was ruined on that date. We experienced to increase this to remedy some mysteries with unintended account deletions.

4. No. If it’s not obvious in the user interface we never continue to keep it.

5. Soon after 10 years in operation we have received only 1 DMCA ask for and that was meant for a different services identified as Putlocker. The copyright holder had mixed up the services. We really do not get DMCA requests, but if we ever did, we would comply and take out the material from our servers. That would be the conclusion of it.

6. We have never experienced to establish a plan to offer with this.

TorrentFreak summary: There are temporary logs that can join a person’s IP-tackle to an account. can link the non-deleted information and obtain historical past to person accounts and facts.

Summary: How Nameless Are Cloud Torrenting Providers

Cloud torrenting solutions support people today to conceal their IP-addresses from the general public. By doing so, they include an further privacy layer. Outsiders can not see what persons download. Nevertheless, genuine anonymity is a unique make a difference.

The expert services can url saved files – and in some conditions non-deleted obtain histories – to the individual information they retailer in their database. In that regard, they are similar to cloud internet hosting services. This is really worth keeping in intellect, as solutions can be compromised or legally expected to share data.

Cloud Torrenting Solutions That Have not Responded (completely)

The next products and services did not reply to our inquiries. If they do, we will update the report appropriately. Bitport submitted a partial response following our deadline, we will include the complete response if it arrives in.

– Boxopus
– Cloudload
– Filestream
– Seedr
– Offcloud
– Torrentsafe
– Transfercloud
– Zbigz

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