OLA TV APK 2.8 News and update info.


A New Update for OLA TV APK is set to be released in the next couple of days.

OLA TV has had awesome response from users and activities from all around the globe to the free IPTV APK.

End users has been also helping donating small peace to help out.

Fans are helping to continue the OLA TV PROJECT

OLA TV is a free IPTV after all and for a free IPTV contents this is very hard job to maintain.

The strain to keep up with working links from around the web, or simple trying to gather links that dont buffer.

At the end of days the links will buffer and will also die due to the strain of how many users using the OLA TV the free IPTV APK.

It is well known that the APK is updating due to the number of links going down.

Version 2.7 has updated twice to maintain links and this seemed to be allow of work to updated close to 15000 free IPTV links.

OLA TV 2.8 New Release date

As per a private communication with the OLA TV Developer ( IPTV Droid ) Due to be released soon.

Rumours is that OLA TV is going to hit a new ground in IPTV listing by adding allot more tested IPTV Links.

Bookmark the download page now because the latest releases info are all posted here on my website.



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