T8 – DROIDBOX – Unboxing – part 2 – November 2014

T8 – DROIDBOX – Unboxing – part 2 – November 2014
You can get your own from droidbox.co.uk/droidbox-m8-amlogic-s802.html

This is a video about the unboxing of the T8 from droidbox.co.uk – Part 1.

This is was an exciting unboxing because this will replace my other droidbox x7 with this unboxing.

Truth to be told I was looking forward to this as it has 1080 Hardware decoding on the box and that was something I really want. Because if this works the way it did then my next purchase will be a 4k TV so I can see 1080 Video quality with out software decoding.

This Part 2 shows the addons and the setup.
To my surprise I seen that it can also do airplay for pictures and music.

The certainly has my seal of approval. ( if I have any ) lol

And honestly for the price that this is .. it is more then worth it.

Get your one from droidbox.co.uk/droidbox-m8-amlogic-s802.html
This aint no advert this is my personal opinion and advice.

This is the perfect Chrtistams present ever if you get it now.

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  1. +Dboss74 The X7 standard was my friend for a long long time until I met the Droidbox T8. I just loved it so much. The speed the content and quality pictuer. 
    I prefer for anyone to get the T8, you will enjoy it

  2. TIP – OOKLA Speedtest – Apk don´t quite work right buddie, for acurate speed test, go into apk options and change to "best performace" then re-run the speed test, you´ll see higher more accurate speeds reported, I´ve seen as high as 45MB on wifi with S802/M8 using ookla speedtest but u must change ookla settings to best performace. Check it out.

  3. Thanks nice video. Newbie here can you send me file so i can have all ADDONS without having to install everything from scratch ? Running Android BOX here also using windows 8.1 for  the PC 

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