Best KODI Movie Addon February 2020

Best KODI Movie Addon February 2020

Husham Mmear
by Husham Memar

KODI is the only application to use on multi-platforms, KODi can be installed Windows, Android, MAC, PC, Apple TV, Firestick, Android Smart Phones, Android TV, Linx and so Much more. This makes KODI the best Multimedia device to use across the home and the best to use a multimedia device for Movies and TV Shows. This post will list the Best KODI Movie Addon to use.

KODI Movie Addon can be used to watch movies and TV Shows. Most of the Best KODI Movie Addon will even allow you to use realdebrid and torrent streaming to make things so easy and better quality.

Please note that most of these Addons are 3rd Party Addons and have nothing to do with the official KODI team. The KODI team has actually sent messages about all 3rd party addons to the authorities and most internet providers have been informed that they need to monitor activities of 3rd party KODI addons usage. It is best and most recommended to use a VPN while streaming contents in all KODI. Enjoy the list of the best KODI Movie Addon below.

Best KODI Movie Addon February 2020

You can stream TV Shows and Movies now using simple KODI devices. There is a number of KODI Movie Addons around and they are fantastic, I have put a list for you below for updated February 2020 best applications to watch latest Movies and Tv shows this include movies in the cinema. Most of the Movies movies are in either 720,1080 or 4k contents, also there streaming of CAM contents of films that are still in the cinema.

10. Uranus How to Install Uranus Kodi Addon (Elysium Fork)

Uranus addon is a video add-on that allows you to Watch Movies & TV Shows for Free on Kodi. This is a Fork of the old Neptune Rising add-on.

The Uranus kodi addon was one of the best movie kodi addons that have working so well in the past, it can help you watch tons of movie in a lot of HD sources. Previously, you can find this addon in Griffin repository, but when the Griffin repository has shutdown, Uranus addon has gone offline along with this repo.

The channels are from all around the world and including a multilingual world TV.

Click here for the latest install guide

9. Laplaza Laplaza Kodi Addon: Review, Infor, Install Guide and Updates

The Laplaza is a brand new kodi addon that allows you to Watch Movies & TV Shows…It’s a new Fork of the popular addon Placenta, based on Placenta old code & improved more features to make it work so well currently. Our guide today will provide all information that helps you learn about how to install laplaza addon on kodi 18 Leia, 17 krypton…

Click here for the latest install guide

8. Locotus Locotus (Debrid Only) Addon Kodi: Review, Info, Install Guide & Updates

Locotus (Debrid Only) is a video kodi addon by Dark Child (dev). This addon works with Real-Debrid only and uses torrent links to play media contents, including Movies, TV Shows, Kids, IPTV etc…

So, to use this addon you have must Real Debrid account. After installing this addon on your kodi, open it you will see the main category with many sections.

Click here for the latest install guide

7. Exodus Redux How to install EXODUS REDUX Add-on for Kodi

If you have been in the Kodi community for a while, you already know about the old Exodus add-on. As you might have guessed, Exodus Redux is a fork of it. It is great because of everything you have to offer. This is one you do not want to miss out on. Use our guide to help you download and install it today.

Exodus Redux is all-new Exodus fork with the latest Lambdascraper integration. Most of the code taken from Incursion Kodi addon but implementation and placement look better. Like we have seen in most of the fork add-ons, there is no major change in layout and user interface.

Click here for the latest install guide

6. Fen Fen Kodi Addon Review & Install Guide

For everybody who’s looking for some fast Exodus alternatives. This post will guide you today to know about How to install Fen addon on kodi 18 Leia, 17 krypton. This is one of the new video kodi addons that allows you to watch movies & shows with lots of HD links and added Easynews & Furk support.


Click here for the latest install guide

5. Venom How To Install Venom Kodi Addon Repo

The Venom Kodi addon is a popular trimmed down fork of the Exodus addon that runs quick and fast in Kodi. Venom has become notably popular on Reddit following the shutdown of a few other Kodi repositories. Venom has been receiving frequent add-on updates and new code development, which is great to see.


Click here for the latest install guide

4. NumbersNumbers addon kodi 18.4 movies tv shows realdebrid trakt firestick android windows mac

The Numbers Kodi addon is a fork of the old Covenant code base, providing a nice multi-source video option in Kodi. Find out about all of the new changes and give it an install today!

The Numbers Kodi addon is a fork of Covenant, which provides a nice multi-source video addon with some additional improvements made to the code including:

Click here for the latest install guide

3. Resistance Resistance kodi addon

Resistance is a working video kodi addon 2020 that allows you to watch movies & tv shows in many picture quality. In this tutorial, we will show you the detailed & simple process to install Resistance addon on kodi 18 & other older Leia version…

The latest version of Resistance kodi addon is v6.1.x.x 2020 & working so well at this time, it can pull a lot of 1080p & 720p stream sources. You can found this video add-on from Goldengun repository, the newest URL address of this repo has been updated & found from our guide below.

Click here for the latest install guide

2. Nole Cinema Nole Cinema Kodi Addon Review & Install Guide

The Nole Cinema Kodi addon comes from the Ring of Saturn repository. It is a custom curated one-click movie addon sorted by genre and containing hundreds of media links. Compared to multi-source Kodi addons which scrape titles using an algorithm, Nole Cinema has custom-curated playlists and media links.

Tested to its maximum performance for the devices such as Firestick and NVIDIA Shield stick. Works perfectly for Windows PC and MAC OS PC.

Click here for the latest install guide

1. Descent How To Install Descent Addon Kodi Repo

The Descent is primarily an on-demand Kodi addon for Movies and Shows. However, it also features an IPTV category, which makes it a good choice for Live TV streaming as well.

This addon comes from the popular Cy4Root Repository, Descent addon is fetching high-quality links and offers smooth streaming. It is also compatible with Real Debrid. Additionally, it supports Trakt integration if you are looking to synch your streaming activities with other apps.

Click here for the latest install guide


Many of the Movie Addons listed here will allow you to work with PC, Android devices, Firestick, Firestick 4k, Windows and MAC PC. It is important to point out that all these add-ons have been tested at the time of writing this article and all working.

Most of these Addons also allow you to stream Torrents with not downloading them and using simple debrid function and allow you to stream perfectly with VPN.

Every single one of the addon is similar to the other addon but some have IPTV also included with it and some have links to movies or guides to Youtube channels and I will always try to update more for everyone in

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