Smart IPTV No Longer Working News

Smart IPTV NVIDIA Shield Fix

Smart IPTV No Longer Working News

As we all know, SMART IPTV is on the best IPTV Players for using Live TV and it is available on multiple devices.

SMART IPTV can be installed on Samsung SMART TVs, LG TVs, Android Devices and the Shield Android box which is one of the best Android TV boxes, this is due to its speed and graphics processing power which is supplied by one of the highest and best graphic card Companies, NVIDIA.

Smart IPTV has been hit allot lately with many companies target the popular app due to nature most users use the application to watching IPTV Services. However, SMART IPTV will not sell or deal with anything to do about IPTV Services.

First, the Firestick Removed it from the Firestick store

then Followed with the Google play store limiting the install of the app and some countries now removed it from installing altogether.

This followed with Samsung removed Smart IPTV from the Samsung TVs and then Samsung added back the smart TVs but only to some of the new versions only and this is a very limited number of models that have Smart IPTV inside Samsung Smart TV.

News on 1/8/2019 

Today I come to bring you the latest news on the SMART IPTV, Recently we had a comment on website that SMART IPTV no longer working on Shield due to the latest update that was issued to bring the Shield to a more nice view and more apps.

Shield update broke this app, wont upload list either by file or URL

the comment above was left by a user that is using Shield, luckily SMART IPTV developers saw the comment above and have already responded to this

SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0

Please update the app to version 1.7.1 (187) and restart to avoid issues after SHIELD Software Experience Upgrade 8.0.

The solution seems to be simple enough, you need to uninstall SMART IPTV on the Shield and download the latest version from this page to fix it for you.

Download Link

SMART IPTV version 1.7.1 (187) Click Here

or enter this URL in your Shield

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